Hip Hop. Oh yes..
Well, another christmas has gone and went.. and to think i just started acknowledging the year 200 last month.. heh.. its almost 2k1. I think it is funny how time flys. i mean i just started school almost 4 years ago.. when i was like 19.. now as i approach my 23rd birthday, i realize that their isn’t really a difference between being 23 and being 45. it is afterall, just time.
I went to the dentist today, and during the parts that were uncomfortable i meditated. I have never meditated before, but i just forced myself to be calm. i relaxed.. even though i wasn’t in a physical state of relaxation. i made my mind separte from the body that was holding me down.. i got frustrated however, because i wanted to discuss some matters with the dentist, but i was unable to talk.. so i just hung out in my head.. haha.. i am turning into something. i think the ability to push your feelings inward, and think about them is interesting. it is also soo dangerous.. luckly.. the feelings i am talking about are of a physical nature.. not a emotional nature.. i need to get those feelings out..