Please check out, and for more information on the terrorist attack on the U.S.
This is not good. Very much a bad situation.

Look at what we have so far:

  • "We (members of the german army) have been put on alert, people are being revoked from holiday, all system/material checked, no talk policy. " (sid=21542&cid=2277927)
  • "The US military is on alert. For security reasons I can't post more details, but the 82nd airborne division has been told to suit up and according to one report one unit is already in the air, though they're not sure where they'll be landing yet. Speculation is that they'll land at a known friendly base in the middle east and then decide where to go from there. " (sid=21542&cid=2277977)
  • "I email I guy in the navy and he says he?s going out to the Atlantic right now" (friend of mine)
  • "think about what our lives will be like after this...i wonder how much more freedom will be taken away from us, in order to 'make america safe again'" (another friend)

I feel scared like a little kid when I think of what a knee jerk reaction to this could cause. If this level of organization is available ? they must be ready for a reaction. And what could that be?

I hope that Bush is good at being a president for the first time when he reacts to this. I imagine his flight from Florida to ?Washington DC? is really the governments chance to remove him from the scene. This is important. With the president removed, the military going to the mideast, all western European countries are mobilizing their militaries ? ready them for attack. We do not need war. We need to be accountable for our actions ? just like we ask the ?attackers? to be.

It is important to not jump to conclusions, I heard many a person whom I thought was open minded and not a hatemonger say racist things about Palestinians and Arabic people ALREADY. This is not acceptable. We need to be careful and not attack a people for the mistakes and attacks of someone of there ethnicity.