So, I had another weird dream. this one was quite scary - not that weird good scary either. Real real scary. Not fun. it went like this:

I was one of the head guys at a mental institution and I was in charge of combating all communicable diseases. So I got an alert of a breakout of this scary disease that turns ordinary people into shape shifters on a killing rampage.

So, as you might imagine - it was my job to combat these “evil people.” The symptoms of the disease were sort of clear. The first one was a visible skittishness of the infected individual. The next symptom and I think the scariest was the addition of an eyeball while the person was shape shifted. The eyeball was there because during the rearrangement of flesh on the individuals face, they rendered themselves blind. An example interaction with one of the infected would be like this:

You would be walking towards someone and notice a small blinking eye located in a very strange place (usually on the persons legs or arms) the person would act normal but in the end would attack someone very violently.

Since they were especially violent, you couldn’t just sedate and cure them, you had to violently murder them and as you can imagine they put up quite the fight. So the dream was basically me running around this crazy house, dealing with panicking insane people and killing violent shape shifters who were infecting and killing our population. In the end of the dream, I was with my expert crack team - fighting the infected and we were attacked by a crazed looking little girl who had armed herself with saw blades and drill bits. It was no fun. So I work myself up and thought about nice things for thirty minutes - until I fell back asleep. ahhh…