Oh boy, oh boy. Last night kstar came up and we went to the Britney Spears concert. We sat in our seats and realized that we were surrounded by screaming 13 year olds. It was insanity.
O-town opened for her and they were horrible. They had a hip hop part.. they sang the puff daddy song “wanna be a baller,” it was funny the only guys who rapped were the “ethnic” guys. well I guess that isn’t funny. it is sad to see such a focus group designed band. man.. if you thought visual basic was bad…
So then Britney came on. I have to admit - she is an attractive women. I also have to admit that she has a neat stage show. I kept comparing it to madonna in my head, but k*star wouldn’t let me. k was like “madonna has had 10000 concerts and 11 albums, britney has had nowhere near the number of concerts or albums.” Which is a good point. the thriteen year olds certainly liked it. And britney flew around and it rained on stage. that was cool. but the kung fu part of madonna’s show was still better.
anyway, I really love k*star.