today was hard. I was able to hold up. Work was ok. I am trying to decide a hobby. maybe direct TV hacking.. maybe console stuff.. maybe getting a no region dvd. . I am thinking about drowning my sorrows in technology(something I do really good) and buying a laptop. hmm.. but I need one with UXGA(ahhh 1600x1200), however that shit is expensive.. I don’t want to pay $2500 for a freaking computer(ha ha) anyway. I am doing a lot better. it is still really hard. I look around my room and notice all the pictures all the letters, all the stuff that relates to her. I know it is silly. I mean she is just not my girlfriend.. but all that stuff has some resemblence(at least for now) of what was once.. and what isn’t now.. however - I don’t think that it will be like that for long. she is still my best friend and will always be (i hope). I htink tha time will help.. and like a good friend said - it only matters on what you do with that time… I hope to make a palm game.. hehe..