So everyday I walk down some street that is being reconstructed. It is really neat to see civil engineering happen over time. Quite something really. I quite enjoy watching the big machinery move about and crush and build and destroy things. I often time mistake them for dinosaurs. I mean I know they are not dinosaurs.. however they could be. I imagine them being the same size as dinosaurs - and in that flintstones sorta way.. they are being used as dinosarus would be used. It is fun.

Last night I went and saw busta rhymes. and boy oh boy did he bust da rhymes. heh. well. ice cube was in the audience and apparently “eazy-e” was there as well. Which is rather surprising cuz he is dead. or busta accidently exposed the plot that got 2pac and biggie smalls.. as well. hmm.. I wonder.

poor john walker… no bail for him.. I guess he shouldn’t have acted on his religious wants and needs. It is often hard for me pick a viewpoint or a side in situations like this. It seems that some of these peopl eare being “charged” with being affiliated with the taliban. I get confused though, because I was under the impression that the taliban was as much a religious sect as the Seventh Day Adventists are. So if 5000 of the 7000 seventh day adventists got together and ripped shit up - would the government try and arrest ALL of the SDA? or would they try and arrest the 5000 that broke the law. I don’t understand. I am afraid that all of this is too broad. Also.. the U.S.’s foriegn policy is setting a great precident for other countries to follow. I cannot imagine bush sitting still while china takes a bunch of “our” soldiers.. who are “illegal combatants,” and mistreats them in a similar respect with what we are doing with afghan people at camp X-ray. What will bush do in that situation.. probably attack.. and then what will we do.. probably die.. wheee.. I love our isolationist foriegn policy.. almost more than I love our enept president.