since I last updated this page. On thursday.. I found out that I would be accompanying a bunch of servers to vienna, virginia in an emergency server upgrade. So I went and rented a car, got servers from one colo facility and brought them to virginia. We drove a bundle of hours.. went through indiana, ohio, pennsylvania, maryland, virginia and Washington DC. We ended up staying right across from the target data center and so the server delivivery was insanly easy. In fact the whole installation took less than 1.5 hours. 5 B50s in 1.5 hours means I could install 80 in a 24 hour period. heh. It was insane to see these servers. they are huge. really really big and completly underutilized. Heh. ohh.. how I love RS/6000s - lies..
I got pictures.. I will post them soon. I got a good one that almost seems virtigo-ish. Quite funny.
Oh, and DC was cool. we went clubbin and all sorts a fun stuff. we didn’t have much time however.. so that sucked.. it also sucked because I didn’t get to see any of my east coast friends.. alas.. I guess I will have to treck out again.. I imagine.