Today, I was almost hit by a car. I mean real close. It wasn’t my fault either. I was just walking in the cross walk and this taxi tried to hit me. I didn’t flinch at all. Which in retrospect I think is quite wierd. the car just slammed on its brakes and I kept walking and didn’t think anything wierd was going on. heh. whatever.

Today is such a wierd day. Rob Malda, of slashdot fame proposed to his girlfriend(or announced the proposal). It is fun to read. heh.. ahhh nerds.. how nice.. and romantic.. heh..

Well.. it is valentines day. Which is somewhat sad in light of not having a girlfriend. but it is nice.. because I feel that things are still special between us. I am so happy and thankful that we are still friends and that we are still very close. It was an incredible 14 months. and I don’t plan to let it end at that :).