This weekend was a great time. I modeled in another fashion show. I don’t know if I have any pictures as yet. I hope so. I met some rather cool cats, some I hope to see again. heh. I also went to some crazy frat boy bar and had free drinks and then found the crazy new meaning to “hungry drunk.” I also fixed my direct TV. heh. however, it is still sorta wack. but whatever. I still thikn that we are going to have WWIII soon. I am going to new york in two days. The idea of business trips wierd me out somethign fierce. I hate how credit companies check your credit to send you those “you have been pre-approved” junk mails. and then when I need to get credit they say. nope too many inquiries.. wtf. how annoying. whatever. may the force be with you. I watched requiem for a dream again this weekend. it was fun. such a good movie, I often use stuff like that as a way to benchmark people I just met. it seems to work, for one of the people I just met is rather cool and seems to really like that movie. heh. I am ranting like a coke addict. I suppose I should just goto bed. hah