I really need a new computer. I would really like a laptop.. with a UXGA screen. For the last 1.5 weeks I have been using my cell phone as an instant messenger client. It is kinda cumbersome and not exactly convienient. however. it works. ugh

So a friend came over tonight.. she is nice. I would like to get to know her better. heh. however.. all her stuff was stolen out of her car whilst she was visiting. it sucked. I was so sad. her CDs her friends CDs her cameras.. everything. what a mess. if my CDs left I would cry a bunch. I knock on a lot of wood. This weekend was fun. My plane which I was on coming back from new york was forced to take an emergency landing.. hehe. it was crazy. Harold Ramis was on the flight with me. Wierd. I used a urinal next to him for a small amount of time. I wanted to scream “don’t cross the streams!!!” - however I didn’t.

I met a bunch of new people this weekend. how nice.. .

I need a new computer. I need a new computer. I need a computer. I need a new computer.. alas.. it is so depressing..