This weekend was good, my friend from high school, megan, came and visited. It was fun to be around her again.. ever since friday my life has been very very surreal. After I got home from work - I immediately got a huge headache. HUGE. it was horrible. I stumbled around and then a firned picked me up. I passed out in her car and awoke to find myself in a nice indian resturant. ahh.. how nice. I ate a lot and then found myself back at my apartment. ahh..

Then I went to a film fest. with a new friend of mine. it is amazing what can happen in a week. heh. I love meeting cool people and learning about them. especially when connections are made. I have been in chicago for 8 months now and I have barely met 15 people that I can name. so when I meet someone and they really impact me it is a nice surprise.

i am so excited for tonight. There is a death metal show. eeek. Dimmu Borgir. hehe. arrrgh. I am thrilled to see them. I have listened to them for a while now. heh. the only problem is that I only know one song of theres. heh. So it should be fun.

i wish I was able to make noises on this web page. I would output a bunch of tones that are similar to the song the elders sing in dark crystal. then I would type out in big letters: I LOOK TOWARDS THE FUTURE… if I only knew/had flash.. heh.