last night I watched rosemary’s baby. hehe. how fun. I like tha movie. You all have to check out this game. It is quite nice. Also check out this site for some fun puzzles. heh.

i am so sleepy. I stayed up wyay late last night. I shouldn’t have. hehe. I had an oppurtunity to hit the sack quite early - like 2:00.. but no. had to saty up til three. hehe. whoops. maybe later I will be able to sleep. I love fraternities and sororities. They obviously rule. I remember in college when I was a unaffiliated representative for the greek council - hah what a joke. But what would I know. I jsut wanted to fit in and have friends. obviously.

So I want to talk about interaction. however I don’t want to engage in full disclosure to the world. I am annoyed that it isn’t easy to maintain things..