I love going to the internet and seeing a fresh brew of fear waiting for me on the other side. It is quite disconcerting. Check out this and this. as well as this and this.

It seems inconceivable to me, that are happy little world is sent back into the cold war. But this time the opposition is much more aggressive and is fighting a moral battle that isn’t simply won by having patience and being the “better nation”. This time the winner will seemingly be the nation who can push their opinions, morality and culture on the other by any means necessary.

So in our case… it seems that extreme violence will be needed to take care of the problem of disagreement and opposition throughout the world. Which I agree is not a bad plan. however, I am worried about the retaliation to our first strike, or our isolationist foreign policy. I imagine that tat some point a nuclear strike will suddenly seem like a good idea.

How can we survive as a country and as a world when are elected leaders are going to run us into the ground. I remember in high school, a teacher I had spent quite a bit of time explaining fanatical isolationism and nationalism as one of the horrible lessons that history has taught us. We don’t need that here. We have a hard enough time dealing with the fact that our(the U.S.) leaders haven’t a clue about the global climate. They are not listening to our allies… let alone our enemies. Instead we tighten up our borders and cause global unrest and create an environment where our first power status will be challenged by every other country within reach.

The terrorists who struck us on Sept. 11th were clearly not deterred by doing so from the massive U.S. nuclear arsenal,” Rumsfeld told an audience at the National Defense University in late January.” Obviously.. However it seems that rather then re-architect our foreign policy to be more open to the global climate.. We are more interested in modifying an already ill-proven plan of striking fear in the hearts of our enemies. wtf. Our enemies are obviously scared enough of us to use any possible force to attack us. I just fear that the U.S. will be the horrible joke of a history class in many years. We will talk about are great president and how his staff pushed for a severely limiting and cursed foreign policy that caused a small terrorist attack (the largest in the relatively small history of the country) to be carried out, and how that led to a war against the said terrorists and that led to a war against the said terror supporters and that led to a war with the said terror supporters supporters… and we now have to live underground.

sounds fun.
I sit here and listen to the sounds of Melanesian chants. They are very beautiful.