Besides ineffectual teachers, and boring classes the United states commoner is threatened with a large scale war that may destroy us all. I was walking along the street this weeked and a bike messanger throw what amounted to a handfull of flyers in our direction. they said: “G.W. Bush wants war.” Which seems to be not very far from the truth.

In the past couple days I have noticed quite the mess of our foriegn policy. Maybe it was seeing president bush upclose and personal.. or maybe it was seeing the article that said that warrented nuke use would be in a confliect with china over taiwan and foreign policy. and then I see some articles showing how the U.S. is pissing china off beacuse we are not treating taiwan as a part of china, but as its own entity. The world is suddenly in a very unstable place.

Here are some “quickies”:

The wonderful country of britain starts to withdraw support from EU. Is/Was Anthrax a government plot? This is a real stupid reason to inavade iraq. Info about the alleged Al Qaeda Nuclear arsonal. Plans to upgraded our nuclear arsenal. Plans for the military tribunals. SE asia target for al qaeda. "Foreign triads are infiltrating China." Top al-Qaeda militant arrested in Africa. No end to war! Funny Propaganda in effect. Bush's ambiguity is part of his nuke plan.
More info:
"I do not believe it is in the United States' interests, or the interest of the region, or the world's interest, to do so," Crown Prince Abdullah told ABC News. "And I don't believe it will achieve the desired result." - check out here, here(cheney for peace?) and bush's response here.

China is not happy for a number of reasons, first it is quite pissed about the nuclear blackmail that bush has committed and second, china is mad about U.S. foreign policy in terms of our action towards taiwan.

"I don't know what will be used in the next world war, but the fourth will be fought with sticks and stones."

-Albert Einstein