I just finished watching ghost world. I am not sure if my time has been wasted or not. I don’t think so. But you never know. heh. this weekend was quite good. I had a lot of friends over and went out to a lot of clubs. I also spent far too much money for the amount of return I got. But that is OK. It was really funa dn I was able to lose all of my worries for one weekend. It was really great to see kinnera for awhile. I really miss hanging out with her. Sometimes my dreams are contrary to reality. but alas.. last night we went out around 10:30 to a club called rednofive for some dj tha didn’t even show up. something to do with immigration.. then we went to liars club. which was mediocre as always.. and then to crobar. hah. what a trip that was. it was quite a night. 10:30 till 5. hah. hehe. slept all today. I suppose I should not fsck my sleep partners up any more then they are already. but whatever. i am getting excited about timelapse.com. i really want to date people.. but its hard. the city is sometimes so lonely. it is funny how pathetic that is. but its true. maybe I should get my guts up to ask someone out or something. that would be a start.