I got an email today from Ars Electronica notifying me that my website AudreyHacking.com has been accepted for entry in the Prix Ars Electronica 2002 competition. Whee. I hope I win. That would rule. In other news. I slept a lot last night. it was nice. however.. I slept so much that I overslept this morning. argh.

I think that I am going to purchase an ibook on friday. I hope anyway. that would really excite me. I want to see my friends to make sure that I want one. it just seems so cool. heh. I don’t know about the whole mac deal. but whatever. I will really miss two mouse buttons.. hah. but I suppose I can deal with it.

i think I am going to make this weblog start embedding links automagically. so when I would type ibook it would look up ibook in a DB and automatically associate ibook with the apple ibook site. hmm.. maybe too much work.. especially when I have other thigns to do that are a lot cooler and get me money. haha.
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