damn violent concerts.. crazy excessive people who are insane. it was madness - at least dimmu borgir was good and calm.. this was incredulous… ;) huh

i wanted to come home and listen to something without bass. it was tough. I am probably going to order my laptop soon. I really don’t know which to get. It is so tough. I don’t want to drop 2k on a freaking laptop.. but I don’t want a piece of crap either. alas.. the ol ibook vs. dell quandry. nobody will ever know which is better. on one hand the ibook is lite(4.5lbs) and lasts 5 hours. whereas the dell is a little heavier(5.5lbs) and last 3.5 hours per battery(2 possible).. well I think the kicker is the OS. obvious OS X sucks.. haahahahahha. I wish that was true it would make this stupid decision so much easier. I guess it boils down to the fact that I am super attracted to OS X but I know that I need PC hardware.. no matter how much my friend bryan thinks otherwise.. I really need that intel chip.. so I guess the dell wins.. and linux also wins.. and so does vmware and XP.. haha.. and the ipod.. wait a sec.. the ipod.. what the..