I have a strange hobby where I look at people peronal home pages. I really enjoy reading peoples blogs and learning all sorts of interesting things about them. heh. it is a strange voyeuristic hobby I guess, however it passes the time. I used to look primarily at slashdot comments. But lately I have been playing on moc, I recently searched for people in my home town of greeley and I found an interesting phenomona: if you search chicago you don’t come across many women that are really big into the web cam/subtle porn culture, whereas if you do the same search for greeley 23 of the people are webcam girls. It is crazy. Check out Mindy’s page and then Caerrie’s page. See what I mean. Wierd.. heh. someday I will be a web cam girl. and have good designskills and all that. In the meantime I will play this game to pass the time.
I somehow hurt my finger. I went and juggled a bunch this weekend and then when I woke up tuesday morning, my finger was swollen for no apparent reason. I refuse to awknowledge that juggling may have somewhat of a relationship to the swoll in my hand.