Some activists have papered the city of chicago. It is great. My boss came into one of our offices and pointed out the thousands and thousands of little papers that said “George W. Wants War!” Someone obviously dropped them by aeroplane or by building top. This is a great way to get people to notice. I only hope that it is covered by the papers. I hope that the people get arrested and a big stick is caused. because then people might suddenly notice what the papers actually had on them. the message is very important. George Bush does want war. and I am afraid that it is our generation that will pay for his sins. in other news, I finally found some really good XP powertoys. They have pagers and all sorts of goodies. A lion bit the arm off one of its handlers. I think this is quite funny. the whole arm. man. Although I do not think it is funny that the young women lost an arm.. I do think that the animal is in fact a lion and is kinda large and predatorial. Dumb ass bush is trying to strengthen up the U.S’s relationship to the horrible communistic state of cuba. whoah. better watch out. Cuba may be on the prowl. I guess the size of the organization does not matter it is the ideas that they hold. We should totally get in a world war. Ahh the love of court ordered attornys. I think that this guy is insane. Well obviously. But his terroristic act hasn’t ended. People do not get that the terrorists were successful. They really were. They cause fear and change within our country. If we wouldn’t have let it bother us so much - then it wouldn’t have worked. But we demonstrated how much they have won by going to war, by changing our laws, by trying to protect something which is a theory and an ideal. We cannot protect freedom by limiting our own freedom. Our country has paved the path for terrorists to alway walk over us. The terrorists have already won, and we let them.