The Toys-R-Us on state is going out of business so my coworkers and myself are going out of business and all the toys are uber cheap. I picked up a HitClips playerand some britney hitclips. I am excited. It is rather shoddy and it did cost more then it should have(especially considering the brief amusement it caused). I am interested in hacking the little guy.. I would be interested in hooking it up to something else. like headphones for instance. however.. I do not think it is stereo able. I did take it apart and it seems that the cradle part is just power and amp. no decoding or anything like that. The hitclips themselves are responsible for producing the music and sound. THe are just a couple resisters and a sealed section. the radio clip is a lot more complicated and actually kind of handy. it would be really easy to make a larger player for these little clips. but why woudl you do taht. hmm..