So I have been reading a lot of african literature. it is so nice. I really needed somethign that would make me smile again. all my books had gotten stale. so it was a nice change..

This weekend was strangely lonely. I just sat around. even when I was out.. it wasn’t exactly thrilling. I did get my project done. which was cool.. and received good word from its recepients. but.. for some reason. there was a strange dark cloud hanging over the whole weekend. maybe it was my frustrations coming to the surface.. hah. whatever.
today I broke my headphones. I am sad. they were such nice headphones. luckily for me. I know how to solder and all that nonesense. It is my fathers birthday today. I hope he has a good birthday. happy birthday dad. I think I once made him a webpage b-day card.. using dynamic html and such. it was fun. heh.
i got some interesting links. first off.. here is evidence that nuclear war occured in ancient times. whoa. second.. a page describing why you are not getting any news. its true. think about it. when was the last news item you received. for me it was the election scandle in florida. after that.. there was all dribble and sound bites. nothing of consequence. even 911 was veiled in secrecy. wtf. the last link is a description of the first wtc bombing.. wierd.