This is a rant:
I do not like that we are at war right now. I think it is really ridiculous. I mean, our enemy is a group of militants that we don?t officially know exists, they use weapons that are more powerful than what we use, they are scare mongered into inhuman monsters. And it seems that bush has yet to acknowledge that there is a problem in the middle east(in terms of U.S. foreign policy). We create a problem with imperialism.. Which in turn fuels another larger problem.. a religious problem with its basis in morality and ethics.. a problem mortals cannot solve. . and we choose to fight this problem by continueing our support for hate and imperialism.. thus stratifying the nations involved from a ?first world.? It is disgusting how us ?westerners? act as though we are holders of the truth. Has this ever worked?

This rules: “As a U.S. citizen, Al Muhajir usually would be afforded traditional legal rights such as presumption of innocence until a conviction.”

I think that it is good to take a person?s rights away? I mean what good is a citizens rights.. Especially when they are actual United States citizens. We shouldn?t treat them as such; we should treat them as if they are prisoners from a country we are at war with. Even if there is no country or no war. They are obviously committing treason and shouldn?t be given any rights whatsoever.
Rights are dumb anyway

I could be wrong