A person is being detained on information – the value of which, the credibility of which, and the reliability of which, we don’t know,” - Donna Newman

so I was listening to NPR the last night during dinner.. and they mentioned how some people were critical of the Bush administrations label of Jose Padilla as a combatant. what is interesting, is that it appears that the suspect may not have be all he could have been.. and now the bush administration is struggling. After September 11th and allowing the country to fall into “war” I think the bush administration. is trying to show its ability in terms of security. whatever.

apparently the US’s accusal and subsequent arrest of Jose Padilla has pissed off numerous other “friendly” nations. Why is it that our government is digging a hole for it self. Check out the video of bush reading to kids on sept. 11th. I love how our fearless leader is completely and utterly scared

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