Tonight was a great time. I hung out with my friend rachel. how nice. she took me for a ride on her scooter and we went to a really great electro show.. with the fierce exception of trans-am(heh) and we hung with some cool cats. Then we went to clarks.. hugn with more cool cats. heh. and then came home. it was a really great night

as per the usual… the blue line took forever. so I have to piss the entire way. I am talking really bad. I can barely hold it. I get off the train and rachel is making fun of me for walking funny and having to pee so bad. and I was totally ready to piss in an ally.. no joking.. a need had come over my body. nothing mattered any more.. just urine.
So we get into the ally.. and I pony up to a dumpster and let er rip. I am talking a fierce piss. like somthing out of a nature film. it was crazy. and rachel is laughing and pointing and usual. and no sooner had the initial hysteria of being able to piss worn off.. then a cop rounds the ally and heads straight for us… like all good friends rachel bolts.. heh. and I however stay put. there was no way I was gunna stop peeing becuase of some cop.. and I don’t think it would have been physically possible. it was a flood gate of sorts. no going back..
so the cop pulls up and doesn’t say a thing. just sits there all non-chalant. he pulls up to align himself with me. and I say “sorry officer.. it was an emergency… " realize that the entire time.. I am pissing.. a lot.. not just a small stream. like a cannon and the cop.. just leaves.. I continue to piss.. and then we go on our way..
oh.. and after they talked to me.. they asked rachel why she ditched me.. and she was like “well he is goign to the bathroom” and they left her alone.. but the black dude that was iwalking in front of us. they got out and talked to him..

what a night..