heh. I am a dork. so matiss and I went to the KMFDM concert like 1 hour early so we could get good seats. We showed up adn there was a block long line. we pushed and pulled our way through it and got seats right in the center of the stage. We stood and waited through two not very good bands(kidney thieves and 16 volt) and suddenly right before 16 Volt came on - the kids in front of us left. it was weird. I guess they were there for Kidney thieves(which is a weird thing to like heh). anyway. so by the time KMFDM came on.. we had front row seats.. whee. it ruled
KMFDM was incredible. sascha really rocked the house. and pig, who is an incredibly large person(tall), was great as well. Lucia was really fun to watch… especially because we were so close. heh. it was wonderful. in the end.. I was so tired.. and soaking with my own and others sweat.. heh. it was great. hah..