I laughed when I heard that the U.S. “finally” bombed a civilian target. I did not laugh because I find the killing of civilians to be funny, I laughed because of the ridiculousness of the entire situation. Of course we were bombing civilian targets. Of course we have killed thousands of afghans. this is, in my opinion, part of the war against terrorism that our illustrious president has so eloquently fought.

My favorite part is how our “one sided” media suddenly reported a story that is contrary to the U.S. being the “best” and in the right in all situations. And in response to this criticism, the government defends itself. I think that this is the same kind of situation you have.. when a cop shots a kind in the face because he “could have” had a gun. Those afghans at that wedding could have been armed and taliban and evil and full of anti-aircraft fire. And to be safe.. when a firecracker, or a candle, or an anti-aircraft missle, or a small child is seen.. we must annialate.

Tikibrah (9:45:21 AM): and those killed people in afghanistan are being unpatriotic

I think it is time to remember enron and how chaney and bush were involved. Also, let us not forget the gay mafia. They may be our only hope. ;)