So tonight.. I played neverwinter nights with matiss… for quite awhile. it was fun.. then at around 10.. hiromi, cole and myself took the bus to the prodigal son. It was a good time. we hung out. I traded in some of my dvds. they will enjoy thenm I think. My friend pam came over. we hung out for a bit.. and then went to liars club. heh. and we got in for a reduced price because pam is a rockstar. heh. yep she is. but as soon as we got to liars club, pam told us that the party was really at spybar.. so we went to spybar. the party.. was supposed t be ref-haired matt, korn and us. haha. I really don’t know what was going on. but they were supopsed to be there.. heh. so we hung out in the VIP section for awhile… and we got a great picture with this really great women.. named.. well. I don’t know.. but she was cool.. and pretty. heh. anyhow.. we got a picture with her. .randomly.. the photgrapher I think new her or something. heh. it was crazy.. and then we left.. We tried hard to subvert the system. but it was hard. the bar scene is so closely knit. heh. whatever. and now I am home and it is past 4:35. uh oh. and I got to get up for a garage sale tomarrow.