so today.. I didn’t get up at the time I was supposed to. I mean I wasn’t really late. but I had planned to get up and do something. I don’t know what.. but I am sure there was something.

so the other day.. cole came over and was building a gigantic slot car track. it was increidble. we worked together and now it rules. check it out here.. my ebay addiction has paid off finally. hehe.
Null frame: we will get forties and race cars
n0disc: WOW!!!
n0disc: YESS!
n0disc: drunk drivin!

so tonight.. I went out with a friend. it was really great. we got italian ice. and hung out.. went to a park. chilled. it was a great night out. I love how people say. its a great night out. for some reason it seems so nice right now. that phrase. but whatever. I laugh a lot at my own minds meandering.. I wonder if it as amusing to others as it is to me. probably not. so anyway. I had a great time. ;).

so my friend robyn has a profile on moc. heh. and she also has a livejournal. check it out.