i love the internet. Awhile back I posted 60X1.com, I finally took the time to finish it and much to my chagrin it led me to some amazing sites:

  • tinkin - this is the guy who made 60X1.com he has a bunch of really great anti war stuff. it is so good. it makes me happy I want to give this site to everyone as a gift. I think that politics is often forgotten when it comes to internet art. it is refreshing. but it reminds me that we are all sinners in this terrorist v terrorist fight.
  • hoogerbrugge seems to be an incredible designer. I am a big fan of this style. It is like other sites. I don't know if that guy is in hitek or whatever they are called. but he is incredible. especially his Modern Living set.
  • Surfstation - I haven't had a lot of time to check this out. but it seems to be what I need.
  • Alternet - this is an alternative new source. it seems to fit rather well with what I feel. Check out this article called "Bush Threatens Future of Peacekeeping."
  • 23dpi is more along the lines of the sites I do. But it is done with style. hah. whereas the sites I do are done with a crayon. Well. I am out of here.. here being work.. work being ok. java being dumb. metallica being humorous. do you think the internet will become like shadowrun. I hope so.