I am not a veyr good typist… you too can achieve this goal. . check it out here. Last night I went and saw Blackalicious in concert. It was pretty good. The crowd was rather lame. A bunch of frat-like guys.. they were so annoying. but whatever. The gift of gab can speak very quickly.. sometimes I thought he wasn’t actually speaking.. he seemed to just make utterances.. but what is speaking really..heh.bush always succeeds in making me so mad. I don’t know why he pisses me off so much. It is silly I know. However.. it is interesting to note that quite a few of the editorials featured in the world press review for july/june are very critical of bush and the U.S. war on terror. A couple of them have stated that the world does not want this fanatic witch hunt that the U.S. is forcing(i made those words up.. they were far more eloquent). It is neat to read opinions of very smart individuals who agree with me. hah. whatever.oh yea.. here is a movie a friend made withhis little cousins..