heh. hah. hoh. Yea. so this weekend was great. it really was. Quite something. On friday, I got up a little late. Not too late. but late enough to feel like a rebel.. and I went to work. I was able to wear jeans.. cuz friday is casual.. hah. so I worked.. and then I got home… and went to a couple art openings.. The one that was memorable was A curatorial collaboration using the work of Jimmy McBride(heh). It was quite nice. A couple of my friends helped him make it. so it was interesting to see poeple I knew in his work. After that we went back to our place and hung out for a bit. I was real hungry so I went to lula(accross the street).. Lula was a trip.. due to my semi-drunkeness and the fact that I was reading camus. Camus and drunkeness is funny. at lula.. my friend Marianne was working.. so it was nice to get to talk to her a little and hang out. And then at twelve.. I went to a movie/death metal show. The movie was Nekromantik. Which is an incredibly gross movie. I had fun. so I went home and slept. heh.

and then it was saturday. I love this play by play post. it is funny and fun to write. hah. anyway. I got up saturday.. and cleaned my apt. a little. we have quite the mess in the living room.. with all of my slot cars. it is humorous hat we have so much slot car stuff. I have like 3 more sets coming. it is insanity. totally nuts… which brings me to saturday. so I was cleanign and hiromi and cole mentioned that I shoudl come over to coles house and hang out. so I jaunted over to coles and we hung out a bit. I kept getting this wierd urge to own a cowboy hat.. so I explained to cole and hiromi my urge and we decided to swing by a western wear store. At the store I decided that it would be a good plan to dress western for the evening. so I purchased a nice shirt, a hat and a really nice belt/belt buckle. I looked suave. I had it going on. hah. so much fun. soon afterwards.. we went to a friends birthday party and hung out. haha. so much hanging out. Cole, being a facilitator of cooperative games for a living facilitated some cooperative games for the group. we played “who is the leader,” “tail of a monkey,” and “ride my pony.” It was quite fun. After ride my pony was done.. we decided to go onto our next step pin an evening of joy. Marianne had told me about a party that was goign to be at her friend uv’s house. he has quite a house. we went there and found that it was a capoeira party. heh. so muhc fun to watch. we chilled at his place for awhile and then started playing more cooperative games.. such as the human knot and pass the loop around a circle. Quite nice. we then left and came home.. ate and slept. so nice. and that brings to today.