bush and cheney get to have a good time justifiing their actions soon. It looks as though cheney knew about some of the sketchy business practices that he questioned. It also is strange that the person that bush picked to be the head of corporate task force was was previously the head of a credit-card company that paid more than $400 million to settle allegations of unfair and deceptive business practices. Nice work. and one of the most exciting news is that the U.S. may lose 5% of its GDP because of the bankruptcies.. thats rough.. and after an intense investigation the shocking discovery, that bush’s priorities may be out of wack.

i guess today wasn’t so bad. work was fine. I did a lot of neat coding. I am almost finished with this web application.. I may have gotten some more work. whee. I am excited both to have too much work to do and to not do any work. what a dichotomy. eh.
i am currently reading a book about two kids that grew up in the projects here in chicago. It is called There Are No Children Here. It always makes me sad to read books like this. the hopelessness.. it is rough. When you combine a story like this.. and show the rough core of the U.S. and then you show the collapse of our economy and our strong moral fibre.. it leads me to wonder when our country will go the way of th U.S.S.R. hah. it is scary.