so all day.. everyday.. for the last couple weeks, I have been developing a spanish site for my employer. heh. it rules. and I don’t even know spanish.

last night we went to puffy ami yumi. it was so much fun. they are veyr sarcastic and humorous. I caught the water bottle they threw at the crowd, but gave it to the women in fron tof me who wanted it so much better. this is the second concert in as many months that I have caught a water bottle at. wierd. I never catch things.

this is a nice site about music in chicago.
this is humorous and kinda dumb.. stupid geeks..
i am not sure what this is or if it is funny. I honestly don’t have the patience for a in depth flash movie. but it looks as though it might be funny.

It appears that china is ordering women who are married to taiwanese people to have abortions… wtf.. but we are all safe, bin laden is dead.. and according to the Washington Times some high level state department officials have accused bush and friends of McCarthyism and neo-Nazism for criticizing the visa system’s failure to keep the September 11 terrorists out of the country. hehe. wierd..

and maybe most interesting from a computer nerd perspective.. it looks like AOL/time/warner may be on the way out.