So anyway. this weekend was incredibly hot. like not fun hot. I was not excited. I can’t quite remember what exactly went down this weekend. but I think we mostly hung out. My friend brock and amanda hung out on thursday.. friday I hung out with my friend sevren and some of his friends. they are so “classy.” hehe. but the real gem(hehe) was on saturday. Some new friends of ours came over about one.. we went downtown and hung out and I street performed with matiss. We got there late.. which sucked for matiss. he had arrived downtown around seven.. an had to juggle without a break until like 1:30 or 2:30. that was rough for him I think. anyway. after we juggled.. we went to whole foods and got a whole bunch of food and cooked it in a big group effort. it ruled.We played slot cars(of course) and the letter game. and all sorts of other things. we then went to a birthday party and eventually to sleep. Then came the evil of sunday. however.. we killed the heat with bad movies.. reading.. and board games.. ugh.. so so hot.