So anyway. this weekend was incredibly hot. like not fun hot. I was not excited. I can’t quite remember what exactly went down this weekend. but I think we mostly hung out. My friend brock and amanda hung out on thursday.. friday I hung out with my friend sevren and some of his friends. they are so “classy.” hehe. but the real gem(hehe) was on saturday. Some new friends of ours came over about one.. we went downtown and hung out and I street performed with matiss. We got there late.. which sucked for matiss. he had arrived downtown around seven.. an had to juggle without a break until like 1:30 or 2:30. that was rough for him I think. anyway. after we juggled.. we went to whole foods and got a whole bunch of food and cooked it in a big group effort. it ruled.We played slot cars(of course) and the letter game. and all sorts of other things. we then went to a birthday party and eventually to sleep. Then came the evil of sunday. however.. we killed the heat with bad movies.. reading.. and board games.. ugh.. so so hot.

  • I guess that we get a police state for our summer present. I am excited. It seems that quite a few politicians want to give the military policing power. I think that this woudl be a bad idea.
  • Gore apparently for some silly reason claims that "Bush lied about the nation's economy." Gore is probably sore about losing or something.
  • It seems that the number of sexually active teenagers has dropped. Wierd.
  • The Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Conference 2002 has officially made a call to initiate a probe into the corporate accounting scandals of the GOP. It seems that "President Bush's trading in corporate stock and Vice President Dick Cheney's tenure as chief executive of Halliburton Co., as well as activities by other high-ranking administration figures, were questionable enough to merit a Ken Starr-type federal investigation."
  • I love when reality becomes similar to the beginning of a horror movie. the pentagon is attempting to create nonlethal weapons that hurt but don't kill. This is where a strange and undocumented side effect creates zombies.. or turns people into mindless killers. hehe. we can only hope ey. yea. wierd.
  • a friend of mine wrote this commentary about the auto industry. It is an interesting read.
Well I supposed that is all. Soon I goto california. and I get to visit my brother. it shoudl be a good time. I am excited. I want to go on dates with girls someday. heh. I may be dreaming again. huh. haha.