Last night, Kinnera, matiss and myself all went to the smoking grooves tour. It was ok. the tweeter center sux0rs. It has such bad acoustics. horrible. sounds like hell. I got better acoustics in my leg. We saw the outkast, the roots, Lauryn Hill and Jurassic 5. It was kind.

please take a minute and check out this. It is one of my favorite comics. Also this is incredible. It is so fun and I love it. In other strange and real news.. Matiss and I watched the mothman prophecies the other night. it was weirdly scary. Not in a normal sense at all. just surprisingly scary every once and awhile. kinda strange. Matiss did some research and he found this site. whee.. men in black.

goddamn cheney’s america.. I guess some people are looking out for us.. but it appears that the gods are not paying attention.. ugh.. that will not be a fun experience..

oh.. and I forgot to mention.. we finally have completed the slot car purchases. our collection is complete. so I guess we will be having a slot car party soon enough. it should be fun. we need more cars though.