Today has been weird. I am almost done with my encyclopedia. like pretty much finished. so I am in a rut.. trying top find all of the little things to do.. and to clean up. I am excited to see how it does.. but I spent a small amount of time looking at some links I found..

britPOP fans unite. this is a very very strange flash movie. derigerbil!!!. here is a good flash game.. you have to breed bunnies. Once when I was in high school my friend jon and I started experimenting with potato guns. we made all sorts of designs. This was before any crazed fool would make a website giving help, plans and kits out. It is nuts.. we used to break so much stuff with them. heh. The website is good, and it has a funny quote about one of the guns they designed for the air force:

"The Army spec was that it be powerful enough for a tennis ball to dent 25 mil (0.025") aluminum sheet from 20 feet away. At 100 psi it will probably send a ball THROUGH 1/4" plate…. I fired one ball out of it down into a swimming pool; the ball bounced off the water and went a few blocks in the air before I lost sight of it!"

this isn’t as fun as the pretty girls ones.. but it is still funny and it peaks my voyeuristic tendencies. here is a funny picture. I think this is a lego machine gun When I grow up I want this slide in my backyard. maybe then my cats will come back. you can make your very own terror press release.
see if you can find waldo!!