yep its true. ihad blueberry soup last night. I cannot lie. it was tasty. a little out of control.

Do you want to be a Rock Star Scenester?
Bush warns CEOs: ‘You’ll be exposed’ - I wonder if they will expose bush in the process of bush exposing them. I also wonder if more people are starting to realize how screwed up bush is getting. I certainly hope that the general population notices that he is a crook and lets our lovely leaders notice. But we all know how people solve things
It is always an interesting exercise to compare two presidents and there policies. especially when they are so different.

Here is a surprise. But the U.S. would never let it stop at that. We need to kill kill kill. And as if we didn’t have enough problems getting caught up in our own propaganda mess.. bush wants to create formal office to shape U.S. image abroad . wtf. this guy is gunna get us all killed. and destroy a lot of the world in the process. I hope his friends are getting really really rich.