I am now in L.A. visiting my brother.. I have wrote the following entries on the road.. and thus they are out of order.. well they are in order.. but not entered seperatly. whatever.. here it goes..

While getting ready to travel to California.. I happened across an interesting quandary. I don?t own shorts. Heh. What to do. I don?t think I am ready for summer. Oh wait it is summer. Heh. Whoops. I guess I will get shorts in cali. Hmm.

I am going to visit Compton. I can now say that I have been to Englewood. And long beach. LBC Ahh yea Anyway..


Ohh.. I got my immortality rings. .hopefully they work. I kinda forgot to bring them. I wore them last night while sleeping and it annoyed me. I ended up taking them off.

The weather is very nice here in cali. It is around 75?85 degrees, A pleasant change from the violent heat of Chicago. Yesterday we arrived and got a quick tour of LA and long beach. We got a room at the queen Mary hotel. Which is HUGE. A very large boat, quite a spectacle. Apparently it is somehow related to the titanic, although I am not sure how. We then slept in our small compartmentalized room. The next day we hung out in long beach. We took a tour at Dylan?s college. It is quite something. I kind of wish that I was in a program or had been in a program like his. It is so neat and there are so many opportunities present in his field. He is doing spectech, which is non-destructive-testing.. it seems like a cool thing. He would be doing analysis on anything and everything. For money. I really don?t know what it would be like… but it looks cool?

Then we went and drove down the coast. The ocean is so cool. It is almost shocking. It reminds me of the mystery and excitement I had when I first moved to Chicago. It makes me wonder if I should move on to another place, city or whatnot. I like Chicago.. but the coast is very nice. Although I am somewhat harmed by the suns powerful rays.. it is very pretty and incredibly mind blowing.

I gotta go.. we are gunna walk along the beach or something ;)

Today we were tourists. it was nice though. we went to silly rides at universal studios.. and we hung out at hollywood. heh. hollywood is not as cool as I thought it would be. the china-Mann??? theatre is rather nice though.. and the weather is wonderful. the weather the whole trip has been brilliant. I enjoy having the oppurtunity to be chilly. what an idea.