tonight was kinda fun. it is the third night in a stint of going out.. and drinking too much.. not really too much.. but more than I should on a school night. I imagine the weekend will be very nice to have happen.

right right..
anyway.. so tonight some friends and myself went to smartbar.. where moby was hanging out. it is funny to hang out with moby. I mean we didn’t chill or anything but I sat at the same booth as moby did. which will be my claim to fame. heh. he is shorter than I expected and he is very very white. similar to myself ;).. oh and very bald. he has a tattoo of a cross on the back of his neck. which I was not aware of. people were takign pictures of him a lot.
it was really funny.

anyway.. the exciting part of the evening was the cab ride home. I met a guy named jamal.. who talked about his experiences in pakistan.. in the us and his experiences being a muslim in our strange and very white(moby) world.. it was great. I love talking to people about stuff that matters. well matters is an interesting concept.. but at least.. stuff that is interesting and isn’t fashion.
<br.dumb dumb fashion