last night we went to go and see the movie signs. it was wonderful. I liked it. The first time I asw it.. it was at that crazy chimaman theatre in LA. I wish that was pronounced laa. like I live in laa.. heh. too bad. stupid cars.
After the movie.. hiromi “dragged” us to a bar.. I say dragged… because we didn’t really know anyone.. but I wanted to go anyway. I saw some friends there.. which is always nice.

today has been good again..(in terms of links).. we got a game where you throw a little man down stairs in order to get a good score.. and a funny ad.. oh and lest I forget.. go here

I always wonder why people are surprised when the internet turns out to be just like real life. I think people should assume that it is more sketchy than real life. I mean you can’t know anything about the person. this is gunna really screw up how kids are sociallized in the future.

has it started?