The good news is.. I came a accros this really great dj, dj Z-trip. I guess he is doing work for ugh.. linkin park.. but other than that minor character flaw.. he does great remixes.. specifically a cd called “uneasy listening.” It is a bunch of remixes of pretty good songs.. like metallica and midnight oil mixed together.. wtf.. yep .. its weird..

The bad news is that the US is really dumb.. .and I think the leader is the problem. I wish sometimes that GW bush would pay any amount of attention to the world mood and tone. he is completly ignoring the fact that the world does not want a war on iraq. nobody does. jesus. how could he lead us so poorly. I mean.. I think his father did a better job. it is absolutely incredible the damage one man can do to our entire world. wtf.. oh by the way. check this out.