So I pretty much finished my project for work. I am done and now it is sent to another group to test it. Wooha.
this weekend was nice. I finally got some sleep. but for some reason I wasted all of my sleep by staying up til like 4 last night. ugh. I need to stop doing that. hopefully tonight will be super calm. laundry.. chillin.. maybe audrey hacking. .yea know

So friday.. matiss, his friend(and hopefully my friend) katherina and myself all went to see slayer. I was not impressed. I mean it was good and all. but the compared to like a dimmu borgir show.. or even connibal corpse.. they sucked. I love black metal and gore metal so much more than whatever you would classify slayer as.. so we left.. and went out to the prodigal son and the to exit. it was fun. at the prodigal son.. I met a friend of mine from junior high. it was fun. I didn’t really know what to expect.. but it turned out very good. I also met a friend of mine from college. I hadn’t seen both people in a very long time. I think that growing up and seeing how others progress is very interesting. I am sure that it will only continue to get more and more interesting.

Today some bush aids decided that bush doesn’t need to ask congress if he decides to attack iraq. sweet. so we can start a war without public acceptance. this better not happen. and apparently in delaware, future crime and the associated suspects are being experimented with. wheee. minority report is here.

I am getting so fed up with CNN. they purchased those silly tapes from a probable “terrorist” for an inordinant amount of money.. and now they are attempting to milk it for all they can get. They are ignoring the real news. and are concentrating on things that do not matter. and are of no national relevance. missing girls.. yea. that is a big deal.. but I think the fact that there is a large amount of strife and discontent in the world toward the U.S. is worth more than a paragraph hidden in the world section. also.. why doesn’t the U.S. media cover the president how he really is. rather than act like he rules. eek. how annoying.