This weekend I worked. I ended a 14 day streak of working 8 hours or more a day. it was rough. but I finally had a one day vacation. suxor. my projet goes live tomarrow. I am gettign sick. I need caffiene. I need to learn how to spell. I got a new phone.. 3G.. in da house. it is cool. color and all. I am going to start writing simple applications for it to catch myself up on the J2ME stuff. heh. what a nerd I am ey..
Ohh Ooh.. pick me pick me..
so bush is set to address our nation on sept 11. whoa.. that dude is so dumb. check out who he picked to fight our forest fires.. and apparently bush is going to meet with congressional leaders about iraq. right. I hope they have the sense enough to distance themselve from this war monger.

i hope we don’t start a nuclear war. then I woudl lose my recently acquired 3G phone service.. without ever seeing the potential that is there .. haha