I guess even little kids need so diviation from the normal toys.. (read the reviews on that one).. a vibrating broom.. that all the children love to “ride” around. heh. ride.
So I set up a DVD sharing system. it is gunna be pretty sweet. whee. hehe. check it out here. It is a private system, but if you want access and are in the chicago area.. let me know. I will hook you up ;)

So the world is coming in for the kill so to speak. or I guess it is coming to a decision about “our” IRAQ problem. I think it is funny, because Bush and his supporters are now trying to show how Saddam is stockpiling weapons and preparing for war and such. well right. the U.S. has been saying for the last 3 months that we are going to invade.i would be stockpiling weapons and preparing for war if the U.S. was going to attack me too.. oh wait. I am stockpiling weapons and preparing for war.. umm right.. yea.. I gotta.. go.. ;)

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