So one year ago about now I was arriving at work and noticed how everyone was leaving. a friend had woke me up early to tell me about the first plane.. and then the second. it was weird.. I learned about most of this on AIM. So I then went to work. Like I said.. all I remember was all the people streaming out of buildings. I came to my office sat there. noticed the news sites were all down.. read slashdot.. was like.. WTF. Then my building was evacuated. I remember getting a call shortly after that from my father. in colorado… it was reported that chicago was also attacked so my parents thought I may have been in a targeted building.. I then went home and read slashdot. After hearing that people had a problem getting to media sites and not finding any media myself.. I started wgeting all of the media I could find. which is how I got this archive of media. It was a weird day altogether. I took a nap.. then I helped a friend jump her car. and then I got sad. because I thought we were going to goto war. I was so scared about war. I still am. but I assumed that bush would really screw things up. His staff seemed so incompetent. good thing I wasn’t right. HA.

Anyway. I think it is a good time to awknoledge those who gave their lives trying to help and save others. good job. you will be missed.

Look here for commentary from slashdot. More to come later perhaps..