I have a cynical view on terrorism. I feel that a lot of what we hear and see form the media.. could be government propaganda. I mean it also could be real. you really never know. Today is a good example. Sen. Patrick Leahy is investigating whether west nile virus is part of a terrorist plot. This could be a good chance for the government to just be like “yea it is… and we need more money.” Kinda like the padilla thing..

it is also interesting to see the spin that the media puts on things such as a common nationalistic response to the threat of strife. According to that report, Iraq is going to teach the US a lesson. Well right what is the Iraq going to say. “oh yea the US is going to kick our butt and we will just concede.” whatever.. its dumb. One interesting thing is that Iraq officials have threatened to attack Isreal if Iraq is attacked. This solidifies my feeling that it would be a bad idea to attack Iraq. Because if Isreal is attacked, there is a HUGE chance that Isreal will retaliate.. which may cause a larger scale war than I think anyone wants. This introduces an interesting question… who wants this war? some are saying that the war will lead to apocalypse.. and some are saying that it will lead to a “Massive world recession”….
whatever… I had a good night last night.. but I am tired.. I use the three period pause too much.