check out my new site.. a500hacking. I know I am a big dork. but… umm.. yea.. I am bored.. and I want to know a lot about my new phone. so what better way then start a website dedicated to learning all I can about my new phone..

So last night I went to a couple parties. It was fun. One was a “indie rocker house party” that I was invited to by my friend angela.. it was fun. I saw my friend cole there. randomly. I didn’t expect to see anyone at the party I knew.. so it was a pleasent surprise. we just hung out and acted strange.. heh. how weird. ey. The other party was a birthday party for my friend edie. it was fun. everyone was party-in hard. haha. so much dancing. but in the middle of the best song.. ludacris- whats your fantasy - the cd broke.. ugh.. so sad.

so.. apparently the women who told the cops that “those crazy arab guys were terrorists” might be lying.... weird… imagine that.