I wonder how many entires are labeled tonight? a lto. .it is silly. anyway.. onight igot the data cable for my phone. It rules. serious. totally rules. I can get 30k anywhere that sprint is. I am excited.. now I can goto a coffee shop and surf porn all day long.. and only pay 1 million dollars in cell phone charges.. this really won’t be any different than a normal month I guess.. I really should change my plan.

So google debuted its news source. it rules. check it out here.

I also got these nifty little lights to light up my keyboard and laptop in lowlight conditions. they rule. I love LED technology. So bright, so tiny.

Tonight after acquiring interesting things.. heh. matiss and I went and juggled at the hideout for an open mike. It was really fun. It was weird because it is a pretty high profile open mike. So there were(apparently) some guided by voices people, billy corigan and paris from soniadada. Everyone was really great and the sets were amazing. Incredible actually. It was so neat to hang out with really great people who are interested in playing really great music. Not just interested in the fashion of it all.. It is hard to find?.

So anyway.. we may have gotten another gig at a show for stan Malinkowski at some fancy restaurant. It should be a great experience..