Last night I went to funk night at danny’s.. however I forgot that I really don’t like funk. heh. suxor.
It was still really fun to hang out with friends and see and talk to ladawn., but I wish that I was listening or dancing to hip-hop. I guess I gotta find a hip-hop night so I can invite my friends over to that. heh. I guess I could have it at my house ;).

so here is a joke that took me forever to get:

Q: How do you get an Elephant into a SafeWay Shopping Bag?
A: Take the f out of Safe and the F out of way.
So yea.. totally didn’t get it for like 2 hours. heh. had to explain it to my joke understanding friends.. ;) too bad ey. It is a good one..
tonight. . I am supposed to goto a play by denis johnson, the author of jesus’ son. It should be good..