Someday I will make it so I can link back to previous articles. If that day were today.. I would link back to the article from over a year ago about how I love built to spill and I really enjoy them in concert. But since it isn’t today I won’t link to that specific article.. instead I will tell you. I really like built to spill and I really enjoy them in concert.. or more appropriatly I really enjoy seeing doug martsch in concert. It was so good. I really enjoy that man. heh.

i got some good links for yall today.. heh. check out the first paragraph of this page. hehe. I love how the media is distorting bush now.. heh. what a slide.. although I guess there point about not wanting to make people think that we are going to war is valid.. heh. here is a really nice article about how the publishign group bertelsmann helped hitler and the nazis. I think that the company is now acting responsible.. heh. somehow some bush/blair transcripts were stolen.. hehe. dumbasses..

it is interesting to see how the U.S. is reacting to post 1 year september eleventh. It seems that people are chilling out. Although last night I was in a cab with a crazy goon who wanted nothing but blow up all those “arabs.” wtf. It was frustrating. it was a situation were I could say nothing without getting the cab driver all riled up.. whatever.. I was reading the newest world press review.. and there were some scathing reviews of bush and the US foreign policy.. heh ..